About me

Hi I’m Mike! I’m a health and wellness coach, online influencer, and entrepreneur! I wasn’t always this healthy and I wasn’t always this confident. However once I started focusing on my health and fitness, my life turned around. Now I help others to do the same!


I’m an online fitness influencer ready to help promote your product. Learn more 

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With thousands of followers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my blog see what’s possible 

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My physique is a top priority, so the results will always speak for themselves 

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I provide video testimonials and reviews for many brands and yours can be next 

I am a certified health coach from the Health Coach Institute. I graduated in September of 2016 but my health and fitness journey started much before that. I’ve garnered much experience and trust within the health and fitness industry and that will only continue to grow. Contact me and let’s work together towards achieving something great!

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