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Influencer Services

Mike Alonzo

I’m an online health and fitness influencer! I put in the work to stay in shape 24/7, all year round and I’m ready to help you with your next campaign!

Influencer Services


Influencer Services

Fitness Model

I am a health and wellness coach as well as fitness guru. I work out 6 days a week, am in EXCELLENT shape, and I have the muscles and physique to prove it. People trust what they SEE, and when they see someone in good shape marketing your product, that will only expand the potential for your product to sell! I have my own photographer, and I have access to numerous settings such as indoor and outdoor pools, running tracks, gyms, and more! I will provide you with HD Quality Images of me holding or using your products. These images are great for advertisements, website use, Instagram, Facebook and so much more! 

Influencer Services

Social Media Promotion

I have a bachelor’s in business administration, majoring in marketing. I know the importance of social media in today’s marketing world. I have thousands of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Blog followers. I have a PAID strategy that will scale those followers in order to continually grow more. A shoutout of your product on Twitter, or Facebook can increase traffic to your site, which eventually can lead to more sales. Images on Instagram, of me with your product will generate a lot of attention to your brand! And even more exciting is the potential exposure provided by blog posts and/or banners advertisements of your product on my blog site!

Mike Alonzo Health & Fitness Influencer

Product Review

I will provide a product review video of your product and/or service. These are great for your website, YouTube channel, Facebook and more! You can create great advertisements with these videos, and they allow consumers to see a real person with your product. Clients of mine have used these videos effectively when selling products through Amazon, on their website, and through YouTube advertising!

Influencer Services




Launched Influencer Services

I had been doing Influencer Services through other platforms for a while, when I finally decided it was time to create my own site! In November of 2016, I added my Influencer Services to my health and fitness site/blog!

Became A Certified Health Coach

I had been in the health and fitness world for some time, and in 2015 I enrolled at the Health Coach Institute to attain my health coaching certification. I graduated in August of 2016, a certified health and wellness coach!





Started The Health & Fitness Blog

I realized that I could reach more people and create a lifestyle more suitable to my needs by blogging online. I created the health and fitness blog in order to do just that. And I’ve never looked back! 

Started My Health & Fitness Journey

I started my health and fitness journey and it completely turned my life around. It was from that moment I decided to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, that I started to grow exponentially in all aspects of my life. It was from this growth that I truly found myself, and in that I wanted to make sure I could help others do exactly the same!

April 2014




Dallas, Texas